Blake & Mim - Exeter Cathedral

Running to the pub to be first to the bacon sandwiches.  Watch a game of rugby to get you in the mood for your wedding day.  A facetime 'congratulations' from a friend at the game down-under.  Thank your lucky stars for the awesome weather and not the gloom that was forecast.  Smile at all the messages sneaked into all the pockets of your clothes.  Ruin your makeup at the signed copy of Vogue.  Keep the expressed milk on ice with the champagne as the baby likes it chilled. Spray your perfume in the air and walk through.  Have your ceremony at Exeter Cathedral!  Listen to the choir get down with their bad selves.  Giggle at the double meaning of things said whilst trying to act serious.  Put a ring on it.  Snog.  Fist pump your way out, well and truly married.  Drink Jim & Tonic with a fury in the cloisters.  Refuel on pulled pork.  Try not to look drunk playing Swingball.  Time for rum cocktails.  Power up on sweets & cakes in the games room.  Realise you haven't lived until you've danced in a Ceilidh.  Re-recharge with a baked potato.  Go ape on the dance floor with music from The Midways.  Laugh yourself to tears with the funny face cards.  Resume bouncing around to the music with added inflatables.  Appeal for mercy when the venue manager says "time's up".  Jump for joy when you learn that somebody invented Silent Disco.  Jump in the pool.  Sneak your way out of the party after taking a last look at the most drunk person there and feeling clever that for once it wasn't you.  Boom!!!  What a wedding.  Amazing.  Thank you. x

Hilly & Laura - Lindos, Rhodes

Hilly and Laura didn't just get married in Rhodes, they had their buddymoon there too.  For a week their closest family and friends ate feta cheese & olives, drank cocktails, tanned (burned), swam, applied sun cream, dodged stampeding donkeys, fed stray cats, bought souvenirs and got lost together in the beautiful sun kissed labyrinth of Lindos.

On the wedding day, Laura made her entrance in a style usually reserved for James Bond, as Hilly waited with a big smile on his face to walk Laura up to the little white chapel perched on the cliffside (Agios Pavlos chapel).  Under a HOTT late afternoon sun, their loved ones from behind sunglasses, and under white umbrellas watched them seal the deal with a kiss.  To cool down afterwards, everyone hopped on the glass-bottom boats for a sunset tour of the island and a glass (or three) of bubbly.  Back on shore, a short sandy stroll to the other side of the St Paul's Bay rewarded everyone with Mojitos and the World's Best Calamari.  Either Laura's heart warming speech or the party's singalong of 'Islands in the Stream', had everyone and even the stray cats reaching for some tissues!  After that all that was left was to kick off your flip-flops and dance like there was no tomorrow.

What an incredible wedding.  Thank you so much for letting me a part of it. 

The Yukon Arctic Ultra Race 2015

Fingers so cold I can’t hold my camera.  Hot pockets that are not so hot.  A bunch of thermal clad crazies waiting to start The Ultra.  Blue skies with smoke rising off the River Yukon.  Squeaky snow under foot.  Frozen eye-lashes and a wire-wool beard.  Feeling dapper in my Montane arctic fancy dress.  Textbook photography lunges as the athletes trundle by.  Fast skidoo action on a machine well past its former glory.  Eating more than the athletes at the checkpoints!  Monster trucks between mini towns.  Showering is so last year, this season it’s all about the wet-wipe wash.  Beautiful burnt out forests. Sleeping dinosaurs waiting for the gold diggers to return.  Elbowing for room amongst the media.  Surrounded by incredible people all on their own personal journeys.  Bangers over fires and breakfasts that are only healthy by name alone.  Sleeping rough in the Hotel Middle of Anywhere.  Great local friends with man-hugs aplenty.  Jumble ice and shaky bones.  A couple of beers and a screaming Mexicana.  The freshest air and a view for 1000 miles in all directions.  Overflow and ice fog.  New memories, new friends.  Not one to wish my life away, but hurry up the Yukon Arctic Ultra 2017.


1960's East London, friends and foes gather at an underground mobster nightclub to celebrate life and death.  Stale smoke hangs in the air holding the unspoken words of betrayal and deceipt.  A beautiful dance with deadly consequences.  Be careful what you promise as history repeats itself.  All that glitters in not gold.

Fingers - a short crime drama inspired by the story of Salome and John the baptist, re-imagined in the context of a 1960s nightclub in London's East End.  Written and directed by Alex Marx, produced by Savannah James-Bayly at Fox Cub Films.  Set design by Stephanie Williams.

Big Smoke Photography London - Workshops

Recently I've been hosting street photography workshops to those urban cat photography enthusiasts that want to improve their skills.  Before I started doing these I had no idea how rewarding they would be.  It's not only from the buzz of sharing what you know but also I've experienced a new type of connection with the everyday people we photograph.  Ordinarily I tend to shoot like a silent assassin but as the "teacher" I also fulfil the role of mediator between photographer and the photographed.  A bit like the anonymous confidence you get when wearing a mask, this new mask of mine has nudged me into great unexpected meaningful conversations with strangers.  The outcome of one conversation resulted in being asked to photograph a butchers wedding but sadly my reluctance to accept chickens as payment meant we couldn't reach an agreement!  People that know me will have heard me rant about how people in London don't talk to each other and in many cases even acknowledge at each other.  It's a worrying sign of the times and unless we do something about it, it's only going to get worse.  Check out this initiative called 'talk to me london' which is all about precisely this.  It's a shame it's come to this but hopefully it'll start us off in the right direction


People, take the time to look up from your phones and try talking to one of those human beings.  They might not offer you chickens but you'll probably get a real smiley face instead os a :)

Talk to me London.

White Lines in Mayrhofen.

Just the other day I went snowboarding in Mayrhofen and I have a black toe to prove it!  Experience has taught me that if I really want to enjoy the snowboarding, then leave your big camera at home.  You can't board radically for fear of breaking your camera (slight exaggeration on my snowboarding abilities) and your photos end up being pretty average as you've rushed them because the pack hasn't got time to wait for the photographer stray.  That's why there's a distinct lack of action shots in this very small collection.

Austria rocks and the price of a beer on the mountain isn't monopoly money like it is in France, Sorry Mum!  The Austrian's love their Apres Ski and have a whole host of dedicated songs to get people in the mood, as if anybody needed any further motivation.  It had been a while since I last went snowboarding but now I've well and truly got the bug back.  Especially since we had the snowfall of the season just as we arrived.  Now I find myself fingering through snowboarding gear guides for equipment I cannot afford.  God loves a trier.  

The mountains is where it's at.  Strap on and let go.It might be crazy but it sure is fun.

Yodlee hee hoo.

Holifest London 2013

Battersea power station.  Leopard print pants.  A clear blue sky although the forecast was for rain.  Goggles, glasses and face-masks.  The sound of chatter, laughing and dance music.  Beer in plastic bottles.  The smell of anticipation in the air.  A countdown from ten.  The sound of a loud Klaxon horn and then....


An explosion of colour like you've never seen.  Every colour you've ever known.  Like a rainbow fell from the sky and spattered on the music worshipers below.  Carnage everywhere as handfuls of coloured powder where thown into the air.  All the colours mixing in the air to become one.  Then as the dust clouds cleared away and the sound of cheering died down the music being spun by the DJ could be heard again.  Hands went to the sky and multi-coloured people danced until the sun went down.

Marisa's 4.0 Birthday P.A.R.T.Y

Marisa's ultimate party cocktail recipe

-  1 very large cup of assorted great friends

-  400 quarts of chilled alcohol

-  1 large holdall of comedy party props

-  1 plate of delicious chocolate brownies

-  1 can of lovely fizzy condensed Marisa

-  1 smiley husband extract

-  Slow roasted Middle-Eastern shoulder of lamb


  1. Mix the assorted great friends and chilled alcohol together in a nice house, and let stand for 1/2 hour. Reserving the alcohol, drain, and place the assorted great friends in the area of the photo booth. Add the large holdall of comedy party props and process until a comedy paste forms. Return the assorted great friends to the alcohol and let stand at least 1 hour, stirring occasionally as the conversation turns progressively louder.
  2. Strain the assorted great friends through a fine sieve into a pumping dance floor or outdoor games area. Stir in the plate of delicious chocolate brownies, the can of lovely fizzy condensed Marisa, the smiley husband extract, and slow roasted Middle-Eastern shoulder of lamb, if desired, until evenly blended. Entertain at least 2 hours.
  3. Divide the mix between as many glasses as you need, and pour the loving cocktail over everyone and enjoy!

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is a short film that blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction, where a team of filmmakers sets out on a quest to find the alleged first man in Space, before Yuri Gagarin, carefully concealed by the Soviet authorities since 1960.  Watch the trailer here.

The film will be released in Spring 2013 and is part of the universe of The Cosmonaut, a crowd-funded Spanish/British feature film about a lost cosmonaut who apparently never came back to Earth.

Here are some of the behind-the-scene photos I shot during the making of The Hummingbird.  So very excited to see its release and thoroughly delighted to have been a part of such an exciting project.