Adventure racing

The Yukon Arctic Ultra Race 2015

Fingers so cold I can’t hold my camera.  Hot pockets that are not so hot.  A bunch of thermal clad crazies waiting to start The Ultra.  Blue skies with smoke rising off the River Yukon.  Squeaky snow under foot.  Frozen eye-lashes and a wire-wool beard.  Feeling dapper in my Montane arctic fancy dress.  Textbook photography lunges as the athletes trundle by.  Fast skidoo action on a machine well past its former glory.  Eating more than the athletes at the checkpoints!  Monster trucks between mini towns.  Showering is so last year, this season it’s all about the wet-wipe wash.  Beautiful burnt out forests. Sleeping dinosaurs waiting for the gold diggers to return.  Elbowing for room amongst the media.  Surrounded by incredible people all on their own personal journeys.  Bangers over fires and breakfasts that are only healthy by name alone.  Sleeping rough in the Hotel Middle of Anywhere.  Great local friends with man-hugs aplenty.  Jumble ice and shaky bones.  A couple of beers and a screaming Mexicana.  The freshest air and a view for 1000 miles in all directions.  Overflow and ice fog.  New memories, new friends.  Not one to wish my life away, but hurry up the Yukon Arctic Ultra 2017.