Big Smoke Photography London - Workshops

Recently I've been hosting street photography workshops to those urban cat photography enthusiasts that want to improve their skills.  Before I started doing these I had no idea how rewarding they would be.  It's not only from the buzz of sharing what you know but also I've experienced a new type of connection with the everyday people we photograph.  Ordinarily I tend to shoot like a silent assassin but as the "teacher" I also fulfil the role of mediator between photographer and the photographed.  A bit like the anonymous confidence you get when wearing a mask, this new mask of mine has nudged me into great unexpected meaningful conversations with strangers.  The outcome of one conversation resulted in being asked to photograph a butchers wedding but sadly my reluctance to accept chickens as payment meant we couldn't reach an agreement!  People that know me will have heard me rant about how people in London don't talk to each other and in many cases even acknowledge at each other.  It's a worrying sign of the times and unless we do something about it, it's only going to get worse.  Check out this initiative called 'talk to me london' which is all about precisely this.  It's a shame it's come to this but hopefully it'll start us off in the right direction


People, take the time to look up from your phones and try talking to one of those human beings.  They might not offer you chickens but you'll probably get a real smiley face instead os a :)

Talk to me London.