Blake & Mim - Exeter Cathedral

Running to the pub to be first to the bacon sandwiches.  Watch a game of rugby to get you in the mood for your wedding day.  A facetime 'congratulations' from a friend at the game down-under.  Thank your lucky stars for the awesome weather and not the gloom that was forecast.  Smile at all the messages sneaked into all the pockets of your clothes.  Ruin your makeup at the signed copy of Vogue.  Keep the expressed milk on ice with the champagne as the baby likes it chilled. Spray your perfume in the air and walk through.  Have your ceremony at Exeter Cathedral!  Listen to the choir get down with their bad selves.  Giggle at the double meaning of things said whilst trying to act serious.  Put a ring on it.  Snog.  Fist pump your way out, well and truly married.  Drink Jim & Tonic with a fury in the cloisters.  Refuel on pulled pork.  Try not to look drunk playing Swingball.  Time for rum cocktails.  Power up on sweets & cakes in the games room.  Realise you haven't lived until you've danced in a Ceilidh.  Re-recharge with a baked potato.  Go ape on the dance floor with music from The Midways.  Laugh yourself to tears with the funny face cards.  Resume bouncing around to the music with added inflatables.  Appeal for mercy when the venue manager says "time's up".  Jump for joy when you learn that somebody invented Silent Disco.  Jump in the pool.  Sneak your way out of the party after taking a last look at the most drunk person there and feeling clever that for once it wasn't you.  Boom!!!  What a wedding.  Amazing.  Thank you. x