Diamond Jubilee

Lunching in the west wing with Mama and Lady Cecile, watching the televised opening of Queeny's Diamond Jubilee, the thought suddenly occurred to me that we were being a trifle unpatriotic by not celebrating this historical event.  In a sudden outburst I declared that we should throw a small party and the 'royal we' should jump to it and get busy preparing the affair.  So we had our driver rush us down to the local village store to gather what bunting and fayre one could acquire at this very late hour on a bank holiday Sunday.  This turned out to be 4 pairs on union jack plastic glasses and 2 small packs of children's face paints!  Our feeble shopping jaunt did not defeat us however in our Jubilee party endeavours, as we knew that back at the manor our emergency fancy-dress valise would make up the difference.  We rustled up a raspberry and banana Trifle in no time and then we were ready to rock and roll.

This is what a last minute Diamond Jubilee party looks like a la Besrest-Butler's!