Holifest London 2013

Battersea power station.  Leopard print pants.  A clear blue sky although the forecast was for rain.  Goggles, glasses and face-masks.  The sound of chatter, laughing and dance music.  Beer in plastic bottles.  The smell of anticipation in the air.  A countdown from ten.  The sound of a loud Klaxon horn and then....


An explosion of colour like you've never seen.  Every colour you've ever known.  Like a rainbow fell from the sky and spattered on the music worshipers below.  Carnage everywhere as handfuls of coloured powder where thown into the air.  All the colours mixing in the air to become one.  Then as the dust clouds cleared away and the sound of cheering died down the music being spun by the DJ could be heard again.  Hands went to the sky and multi-coloured people danced until the sun went down.