The Farm

Recently Baby Amelie decided we needed to have a family day out together to take advantage of a rare day of sunshine that had offered itself to us.  She also wanted us to meet some good friends of hers, so we packed our bags for an afternoon of fun and discovery.  It was only a short journey to our planned destination of the village of Esholt, the original home of the TV program Emmerdale.  But this was not our reason for going there, we had come to meet Amelie's friends at the St. Leonard's Farm Park.  

We met the donkeys and the billy-goats, the chickens and the roosters, the pigs all the way from Guinea and modest cats from Africa, the piglets and the ponies, the rabbits and the lambs.  Amelie knew them all and introduced them to us.  She even gave us lessons on how to speak in their language but sadly we were rubbish so we had to make do with patting their furs and rubbing them in those difficult places to reach behind the ears!  

We had such a fun day but sadly we had to leave and we cried, but Amelie promised us that we could come back again soon, which made us all feel better.  We said good-bye to the animals and they all waved us away as we drove down the country lane back towards our home.