White Lines in Mayrhofen.

Just the other day I went snowboarding in Mayrhofen and I have a black toe to prove it!  Experience has taught me that if I really want to enjoy the snowboarding, then leave your big camera at home.  You can't board radically for fear of breaking your camera (slight exaggeration on my snowboarding abilities) and your photos end up being pretty average as you've rushed them because the pack hasn't got time to wait for the photographer stray.  That's why there's a distinct lack of action shots in this very small collection.

Austria rocks and the price of a beer on the mountain isn't monopoly money like it is in France, Sorry Mum!  The Austrian's love their Apres Ski and have a whole host of dedicated songs to get people in the mood, as if anybody needed any further motivation.  It had been a while since I last went snowboarding but now I've well and truly got the bug back.  Especially since we had the snowfall of the season just as we arrived.  Now I find myself fingering through snowboarding gear guides for equipment I cannot afford.  God loves a trier.  

The mountains is where it's at.  Strap on and let go.It might be crazy but it sure is fun.

Yodlee hee hoo.